About Us

About Us

We are a 24 X 7 National Hindi News TV Channel with the name and style Ok India. Media is about connectivity and collaboration and it brings people together than ever before. For the development of Media Industry, we at OK India is focused on creating Quality and enriching content with wide coverage. Our Endeavour has been to engage the relevant audience with our differentiated and compelling collection. We believe in truth & our news will always showcase the actual reality to viewers.

Our Vision is to become the benchmark of the Industry with strong, independent and reliable reporting. Truth, Independence and professionalism are the characteristics that define our channel.  We are guided by our commitment to our audience – a commitment that is bound by trust, innovation and performance. The channel aims to become the voice of the voiceless. The passion to turn our Indigenous audiences into one family is the basic dream of company. We have to go a long way to reach this dreamed stature. We now look forward to pushing our boundaries with full pace & efforts to fulfill our philosophy of connectivity.

What brings in the confidence is the roadmap to the future, which is already laid out for us. Our prime vision, powered by world-class talent and expertise will help us to set achieve big goals they we have dreamt of. We clearly foresee the Channel being ranked among the top global media brands in the next five years. Our initiatives are based on the out of the box thinking and our ambitions set for the year 2020, with clear, quantifiable parameters, give us visibility of how the future will unfold for us.

Despite challenges, we have so many exciting & motivated plans for catering to the varying aspirations of audiences in a seamless world of entertainment. And we will continue to move forward with confident, determined steps, to make the most of future opportunities.

We cherish your trust. I, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire leadership team, thank you for this love and support, and assure you a great future ahead.

ABOUT the Founder of OK INDIA

OK INDIA is founded & headed by Dr Jogender Singh (International Medalist in Boxing) who hailed from a very humble, agrarian family of Village CHIRI of ROHTAK District in Haryana state. OPJS family was established by Late Shri Sanwaliaram. Being down to earth and the witness of the miseries of the suppressed, downtrodden people of that time, he was shaken completely. Then he took a pledge to sacrifice his whole life to uplift the deprived section of the society irrespective of caste and creed. He foresighted that welfare of the people can be achieved only by making them literate. In this pursuit, he founded “Arya Sabha” and started a Primary school under the name and style “Arya Pathshala” in his ancesteral village Chiri in 1922. Since then his journey continued unabated and never looked back. After the demise of Sh. Sanwaliaram, his grandson Dr. Jogender Singh followed the footprints of his grandfather and established more schools in the surrounding areas. At present, he is Chairman of many societies.

His Grandson Dr.Jogender Singh followed the footprints of his Grand Father established OPJS University apart from that many schools in surroundings. At present he is Chairman of many societies. Dr.Jogender Singh is well known personality in Haryana State; He is highly qualified person in academics as well as in sports. He has represented India in Boxing and brought laurels to the country and society.

Now, he spreaded his wings  to the other side of the world and started working towards the welfare of society in  the form of new entity, a news channel – OK INDIA. His thoughts are to create more awareness to the society through digital media. He is having fantastic plans for the audience to get entertained and educated as well as to become the voice of the voiceless.

In the initial stages OK INDIA has the scope of covering News, Fashion & Music. In parallel his focus is towards promotion of Industrial segments, Schools, Engineering Institutes, Health sector.


“To become the world’s leading global media company from the emerging markets. As a Corporation, we will be driven by innovation & creativity and would focus on growth while delivering exceptional value to our customers, our viewers and all our stakeholders.”



Our Company’s strategies are driven by the needs of the customer. Our success can be measured by the satisfaction achieved by our customer.


We accord a high premium to maintaining superlative standards throughout our Company. We encourage our employees as well as customers/audience to come up with smarter ideas within the fastest possible time.


Key to our value system is innovation and originality. We recognize and have a high regard for individual expression and creative freedom in our quest to provide customer satisfaction.


We observe strict ethical standards through editorial independence and creative expression, in order to earn the trust of our viewers and subscribers.



We are committed to delivering consistent revenue and cash flow growth in order to provide our share holders a good return. Our objective is to grow our people, market and businesses around the world.


Leading broadcaster in Indian Industry.

First mover advantage across genres.

Widest offering of knowledgeable programs through channels by a single broadcaster in the country.

Across genres, our channel wills either leaders or strong contenders for the leadership Position.

Diversified customer base across the Indian Market.

Large networking Cost conscious approach towards business

Inspire creativity.

Continue to run our business as best in class, with viewer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

Enhance our leadership position in the genres we compete.

Continuous innovation to stay ahead of the curve and seize growth


Invest in the business in a focused, disciplined way and achieve superior financial performance

To use the strong cash flows of our business to improve returns to shareholders

Reaffirm our commitment to highest level of integrity and professionalism throughout our business.


OK INDIA is poised for greater growth in the foreseeable future .The channel hopes to increase its influence across the industry. Also we will soon launch new channels in various domains and expand national reach. With the successful implementation of digitization and advancement of technology, OK INDIA will reach to the audience on every available viewing device.